Реферат: Comparing USA Today The Hardcopy And Online

Comparing USA Today: The Hardcopy And Online Versions. Essay, Research Paper

The two formats of USA Today are similar and yet very different.

The online format gets updated regularly during the day and the fron page articles for the following day are posted in the evening. So if you want to, you can find out what’s going to be in the paper. Now, of course current events that are sent to the presses right before the run are not updated ahead of time.

There is also a “Tech” section in the online version which is not in the hardcopy format. This section contains articles and other things which usually end up in the “Life” or “Money” sections, or do not get run at all in the printed paper. The webpage version also gets current event updates, besides entertainment article updates, so all information is relatively current. I am not sur ehow often they update the page or when they do it. I do know that it is quite frequently though. I looked at the webpage before eating dinner and after dinner and found it had different features each time.

The online version of USA Today also archives the articles written for the site. The online version allows for instant retrieval of past articles. To get this same effect in hardcopy versions, you would have to go to a library or other such place that stores back copies of the newspaper.

The online version, though, appears to be just as nice, and effective as the print version. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and plan on continuing too enjoy the internet copy of USA Today.

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