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Computer Engineering Essay, Research Paper

Since birds could fly and fish could swim there has always been questions, problems, and answers. This it what I am interested in. The questions and more importantly the answers. I have been seeking answers all my life. The one question I have always had is How do things work. All man made machines have a purpose, but mostly they are made to solve a problem. For the longest time I have worked with and around technology. Mainly computer systems, but recently I figured out I was more intrigued by what drove the computer. Another hobby of mine is flying R/C Planes. The controller for the plane is all run by chips and microprocessors. This has made me wonder how little signals of electricity can control almost anything I do. I choose Electrical and Computer Engineering because I have always been intrigue by this type of work and it pays pretty good. Most test I have taken to show me what I might be interested have pointed to Electrical and Computer related jobs. On my Strengths and Personality test it pointed out that I had Steadiness. Steadiness are people who like tasks that have a well-defind procedure. Some of these people are technicians or people who like to work on intricate jobs. On the Work Value Survey I scored the highest in creativity. Creative people are defined as people who need room to exercise their imaginations. On of the areas listed in creativity is designing and creating computer programs and hardware. This information is not why I choose tis topic but it helped me be more sure of what I wanted to do. In ninth grade I took the S.O.I test. This test is another test to help me define what I am best at. The two highest erase both pointed to computer programing and computer and electrical engineering. I believe that this paper will help me understand more of what I want to do since I will be covering areas on and around Computer programing, Computer engineering, and Electrical engineering, or most commonly none as Computer Science.

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