Лекция: Упр. 3. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова.


1. First, the UN was to s…peace and security in order to “to s … succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” Second, it was “to reassert faith in f… human rights.” Third, the UN was to uphold r … for international law. And fourth, the new organization pledged “to p… social progress and better s … of life.” 2. Many organizations have been created since 1945 to a … the specific problems that the UN has been called to solve. 3. In practice every year the UN works together with hundreds of n … organizations to undertake humanitarian tasks. 4. The Security Council has p … responsibility for the m … of international peace and security. It could i … any dispute or situation that might lead to international f…. 5. Decisions on p… matters require the support of at least nine of the fifteen members. 6. Decisions on s … matters (for example, a decision calling for direct measures to s … an international dispute, or to e … sanctions) also require nine votes, but these must include the votes of all five p … members. 7. In GA decisions on peace and security, a… of new members, and budgetary matters—require at… — … majority (decisions on other questions are by s… majority). 8. On questions of international security the GA is dependent on c… among the P-5. 9. The Secretary-General,who is appointed by the General Assembly on the r… of the Security Council for a renewable f … — … term. 10. Under the UN's m …, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) «plays a key role in f… international cooperation for development.» 11. In fact, the true global economic power within the UN family l… with the so-called three sisters: the WB, the IMF, and the WTO. 12. The UN cannot and should not be expected to o … solutions to all of the world’s ills. It does much good humanitarian work and often provides ways of e… tensions … and solving conflicts.




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