Лекция: Lab works

Lab work 7 Further consonants

Exercise 1 Repetition of words containing a velar nasal

Listen and repeat; take care not to pronounce a plosive after the velar nasal.

hxN hxNq





Exercise 2 N with and without g

Listen and repeat:

Words of one morpheme Words of two morphemes
fINgq finger sINq singer
xNgq anger hxNq hanger
bxNgq Bangor lPNIN longing
hAngq hunger rININ ringing
xNgl angle bxNq banger


Exercise 3 “Clear” and “dark” l

Listen and repeat:

“Clear” l before vowels “Dark” l before pause “Dark” l before consonants
laI lie fIl fill help help
lHs loose bel bell fIlT filth
lJk leak nJl kneel belt belt
lqV low peIl pale feIld failed
laVd loud maIl mile mIlk milk
lL law kIl kill welS Welsh


Exercise 4 r

Listen and repeat, concentrating on not allowing the tongue to make contact with the roof of the mouth in pronouncing this consonant:

eqrIN airing reqrq rarer
rJraIt rewrite herIN herring
terqrIst terrorist mIrq mirror
xrqV arrow rLrIN roaring


Exercise 5 j and w

Listen and repeat:

jH you weI way
jLn yawn wL war
jIq year wIn win
jVq your weq wear


Exercise 6 Dictation of words

Transcribe the words you hear. Each word will be said three times (1…12).


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