Лекция: Притяжательные местоимения в зависимой и абсолютной формах


Число Лицо Зависимая форма Абсолютная форма
Единственное число my – мой, -оя, -ое, -ои mine
your – твой, -оя, -ое, -ои yours
    his – его her – ее its – его, ее his hers its
Множественное число     our your their ours yours theirs

Примеры. Take your books and let’s go.

Take your books and she’ll take hers.

This is not my pen, mine is red.

These books are ours.

Here is a good friend of mine!


Примечание. После притяжательных местоимений в зависимой форме часто используется прилагательное “own” (собственный), например: This is my own money. – Это мои собственные деньги. Выражение “on one’s own” (one’s – обобщенная форма зависимой формы притяжательных местоимений) означает «самостоятельно, без помощи», например: I don’t live on my own. I share a flat with two friends. – Я не живу сам по себе. Я делю квартиру с двумя друзьями.



I. Перефразируйте предложения, используя независимую (абсолютную) форму притяжательных местоимений.

Model. This is my bag. – This bag is mine.

1. This is your book.

2. That is her dog.

3. Those are not my children.

4. Is this your computer?

5. Are these their houses?

6. Does this picture on the wall belong to us?

7. Here’s your handbag!

8. There are your lectures!


II. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Have you seen my / mine coat?

2. We know theirs / their telephone number, but they don’t know our / ours.

3. My / Mine car wasn’t as expensive as her / hers.

4. “How is your study?” – “Fine, thanks. How’s your / yours?”

5. Our / Ours hostel isn’t as big as their / theirs, but our / ours is much more comfortable.


III. Заполните пропуски, используя “my own”, “your own”, “his own”, her own” и т.д.

1. I don’t have … telephone yet, so I must use the public phone.

2. Susan shares a flat with a friend of hers. She would prefer to have a flat of …, but she can’t afford it.

3. “That isn’t … camera, is it?” – “No, I borrowed it from my father!”

4. He always uses my lectures. Why doesn’t he make …?



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