to afford, to break down, to discover, friendly, to miss nowadays, otherwise, to pass, on one's return, by return, to break the silence, to turn up, to be worth.



XVTJ. Retell tbe text: a) as it is, b) in the person of Le Ros. ХУШ. Reproduce the dialogue: a) as it is, b) in indirect speech. ХГХ. Give extensive answers to these questions:

1. Why do you think the author was surprised to see Le Ros look so smart? 2. Why did Le Ros advise the author to learn to see people off?

3. Do you think the author would take lessons from Le Ros? Why? 4. Would
you have agreed to take such lessons if you had been in the author's place?
Why? 5. What do you think of the story?

1. Are you fond of seeing people off? 2. What is more pleasant to see people off or to meet them? 3. What do people come to the post-office for? 4. What would you do if the postman put a stranger's letter in your letter­box? 5. What would you do if you received an express telegram wrongly delivered to you? 6. What would you do if you had no stamp for a letter you were to send immediately?

XX. Read and reproduce the dialogue: a) as it is, b) in indirect speech:



Customer: How much is it to send this parcel to Moscow, please?

Clerk: Do you want it to go by air mail or by surface? Let us see how much it weighs — 1 lb. 3*ozs.

Customer: How long would it take by post?

Clerk: About four days.

Customer: That's all right, it'll be in time for my brother's birthday on December 6th. Oh, by the way, should I register it?

Clerk: Well, it's advisable if there's anything valuable in it.

Customer: It's an old cigarette-box and a few books. It would be very unpleasant if the parcel got lost. The cigarette-box belonged to our grandfather. I think I'd register the parcel.

Clerk: It's 8s. for the registered parcel.

Customer: Here you are. And I also want three postcards and two envel­opes for registered letters.

Clerk: That'll be 2s. more.

parcel — посылка; by surface ['ss.fis]—по почте; oz=ounce [auns]— унция; 1Ь.(£л/. libra) — сокр. от pound — фунт (мера веса = 453 г.); to register ['redsisto] — объяв­лять ценность; s.— сокр. от shilling

XXI. Read and retell this story. Answer the questions given below:


Ainsley, a post-office sorter, turned the envelope over and over in his hands. The letter was addressed to his wife and had an Australian stamp.

Ainsley knew that the sender was Dicky Soames, his wife's cousin. It was the second letter Ainsley received after Dicky's departure. The first letter had come six months before, he did not read it and threw it into the fire. No man ever had less reason for jealousy than Ainsley. His wife was frank as the day, a splendid housekeeper, a very good mother to their two children. He knew that Dicky Soames had been fond of Adela and the fact that Dicky Soames had years back gone away to join his and Adela's uncle made no difference to him.

He was afraid that some day Dicky would return and take Adela from him.

Ainsley did not take the letter when he was at work as his fellow-workers could see him do it So when the working hours were over he went out of the post-office together with his fellow-workers, then he returned to take the letter addressed to his wife. As the door of the post-office was locked, he

had to get in through a window. When he was getting out of the window the postmaster saw him. He got angry and dismissed Ainsley. So another man was hired and Ainsley became unemployed. Their life became hard, they had to borrow money from their friends.

Several months had passed. One afternoon when Ainsley came home he saw the familiar face of Dicky Soames. «So he had turned up,» Ainsley thought to himself.

Dicky Soames said he was delighted to see Ainsley. «I have missed all of you so much,» he added with a friendly smile.

Ainsley looked at his wife. «Uncle Tom has died,» she explained «and Dicky has come into his money.» «Congratulations,» said Ainsley, «you're lucky.»

Adela turned to Dicky. «Tell Arthur the rest,» she said quietly. «Well, you see,» said Dicky, «Uncle Tom had something over sixty thousand and he wished Adela to have half. But he got angry with you because Adela never answered the two letters I wrote to her for him. Then he changed his will and left her money to hospitals. I asked him not to do it, but he wouldn't listen to me!» Ainsley turned pale. «So those two letters were worth reading,» he thought to himself. For some time everybody kept silence. Then Dicky Soames broke the silence, «It's strange about those two letters. I've often wondered why you didn't answer them?» Adela got up, came up to her husband and took him by the hand. «The letters were evidently lost,» said she. At that moment Ainsley realized that she knew everything.

(After «Lost in the Post» by A. Philips)

Ainsley, Adela; sorter — сортировщик; fire —огонь; jealousy — ревность; uncle — дядя; postmaster — почтмейстер; to dismiss —уволить; will— завещание; frank as the day — как ясный день


1. Why do you think Ainsley did not want his wife to receive letters from Dicky Soames? 2. Do you think he had reasons for jealousy? 3. Why did Ainsley think that his wife knew everything? 4. Would anything change in their life? Why? 5. Did Dicky guess what had happened? 6. What would you have done if you had been in Adela's place?

XXII. Speak on the topics:

1. Meeting a friend returning from a journey. 2. Seeing off a friend starting on a journey. 3. My last trip.

ХХШ. Make up dialogues based on these topics:

1. At the post-office. 2. At the railway-station.

XXIV. Read these letters and do the assignment given below:

Dear Sirs,

We think you will be interested in the new brands of coffee and cocoa we have just introduced to the trade. Samples of both have been dispatched to you by separate mail.

We hope that the high quality of our products will meet your customers' requirements and you will place at least a trial order with us.

You will see that the prices quoted are low, and as they are likely to go up very soon we would advise you in your own interests to place an order as early as possible.

Yours truly, Brown & Co.

brand — сорт; cocoa ['koukou] — какао; they are likely to go up — они, вероят­но, поднимутся

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter dated the 5th July and for the samples of your goods which you have so kindly sent us. Both types of goods are of superior quality though your prices seem somewhat high. We should be obliged if you would consider some reduction on large order.

■ Yours faithfully, Sojuzimport


Make up a dialogue between a representative of Sojuzimport and a representative of Brown & Co. Discuss the price-problem.

XXV. Translate these letters and do the assignment given below:

«Уважаемые господа!

Мы получили Ваше письмо от 20 марта сего года, из которого мы были рады узнать, что Вы желаете установить с нами деловые отношения.

Согласно Вашей просьбе, высылаем Вам образцы наших тка­ней отдельной посылкой. Мы надеемся, что образцы Вам понра­вятся и Вы разместите у нас свой заказ.

Цены на ткани указаны в прейскуранте, который прилагается к данному письму.

Условия платежа следующие:

Покупатель открывает безотзывный аккредитив в пользу про­
давца в… банке в Москве на полную стоимость
партии, предназначенной к отгрузке. Аккредитив должен быть
открыт в течение 5 дней от даты уведомления о готовности товара
к отгрузке. Платеж производится против отгрузочных документов.

Мы хотели бы добавить, что мы предоставляем 5% скидку поку­пателям, заказывающим товар на сумму свыше... рублей.

С уважением, pattern — образец

Уважаемые господа!

Благодарим Вас за Ваше письмо от 28 марта, а также за вашу


Мы ознакомились с образцами и имеем удовольствие сооб­щить Вам, что качество образцов удовлетворяет нашим требова­ниям. Особенно благоприятное впечатление произвели на нас об­разцы №№ 38, 42 и 47. Однако Ваши цены на вышеупомянутые об­разцы слишком высоки, они выше цен, предлагаемых другими фир­мами, и мы вынуждены отклонить Ваше предложение.

Мы, однако, согласились бы начать переговоры о закупке значи­тельных количеств тканей по вышеупомянутым образцам, если бы Вы снизили свои цены на 5,4 и 10% соответственно.

С уважением,

to decline— отклонить; quantity— количество Assignment

Make up a dialogue between the representatives of the two firms. Discuss the price and terms of payment and delivery.

XXVI. Make up dialogues based on the following assignments:

· You have received the first lot of the goods from Green & Co. and found that the quality of the goods is inferior to that of the samples on the basis of which the contract was made. Phone Mr. Green and discuss the matter with him.

· Phone Mr. Brown and arrange about an appointment. Have an appointment with him and discuss packing.






phonetic: exercises

Before taking up the text read these words and word combinations:

1. 'object, caused, 'drawing, 'indicate, 'valid, 'maintenance, a'ssembly, consignment, con'formity, release, divisible, ,consig'nee.

2. the sellers sell, pounds sterling, with the accepted standards,

there in, prices are understood, at the price of, at the rate of, in their specification, in three parcels, in favour of, an irrevocable Letter of Credit.




As a result of the talks held in London between the representatives of
Robinson and Co., Ltd. and Sojuzimport the following order was


Purchase Order

No. 46/41787-H22

Dated: March 16, 19… Transport No. 534-668

The Buyers: Sojuzimport Narjad No. 441/2603

Address: Smolenskaya-Sennaya PL, 32/34

Moscow The Sellers: Robinson and Co., Ltd. Address: 432, Oxford St.

London, Wl.

OBJECT OF ORDER: The Sellers sell and the Buyers buy the goods listed in the Specification attached hereto,* at the prices and in the quantities indicated therein.** The said specification forms an integral part*** of this Order.

* hereto — при сем 1
** therein в ней I письменные штампы, употребляемые в документах.

*** integral part — неотделимая часть

2. PRICES AND TOTAL AMOUNT: Prices are understood to be c.i.f. Petersburg. Total amount of this Order is £....

3. DATE OF DELIVERY: The goods are to be delivered in three parcels at the rate of one consignment each month. The first parcel is to be shipped in May.

4.PACKING: Export packing in conformity with the accepted standards.

5.MARKING: Each case is to be marked in weather-proof paint as follows:

Order No. 46/41787-H 22, Narjad No. 441/2603.

Transport No. 634-668.

Name of Shipper: Robinson and Co., Ltd.

Name of Consignee: Sojuzimport.

Case No. 1 (and up)*

Net weight:

Gross weight:

6. TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION: Two sets of drawings, assembly,

operation and maintenance instructions are to be shipped with the goods. One set is to be airmailed to the Buyers no later than 30th April.

7. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment is to be effected in English pounds
sterling by an irrevocable and divisible Letter of Credit to be valid for
90 days. The L/C is to be opened by the Buyers in favour of the Sellers
for the total amount of the Order with a London Bank within fifteen
(15) days after the Buyers receive notification of readiness and notifica­
tion that the necessary Export Licence has been obtained.

Documents required for payment:

6.Commercial Invoices (3)

7.Original Bill of Lading (1)

8.Packing Sheets (3)

9.Test and Inspection Certificate (1)

10.Copy of the Export Licence (1)

11.Insurance Policy (1)

8. GUARANTEE: 24 months after dispatch. Should the machines prove
to be defective1 during the guarantee period, the Sellers undertake to
replace or repair any defective part free of charge. The guarantee is not
applied to damage caused by improper storage or careless maintenance.
All other terms are stated in the General Conditions attached hereto.

For and on behalf of the Buyers Ivanov, President of Sojuzimport



Smith: Smith speaking.

Bogdanov: Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. Bogdanov of Sojuzimport here.

* case No. 1 (and up) — ящик 1 (и последующие)

Smith: Good afternoon, Mr. Bogdanov.

Bogdanov: We've got your cable to-day that the machines are ready for

the inspection and test. Smith: So when are your inspectors coming? Bogdanov: We suggest that you should test the machines without our

inspectors.* Smith: So you are waiving the inspection? Fine. Then we'll be able to

ship the goods earlier. Bogdanov: When are you starting the tests? Smith: The day after tomorrow, I think. The preliminary tests that we

made a fortnight ago were quite satisfactory and I hope we'll

be able to send the test report next week. Bogdanov: Splendid. We'll send „you our release note for shipment as soon

as we receive the test report. Smith: Right.


1. The machines proved to be defective. — Оказалось, что машины по­вреждены.

Не proved (to be) a very efficient


The goods proved (to be) damaged.



order n   заказ
dated adj   от такого-то числа
We have received your letter dated January 15, 2001.    
syn. зд. of      
Object of Order   предмет заказа
list v   вносить в список, перечислять в списке
Attach v   прилагать
aiiach to smth.   прилагать к чему-л. (документу, письму)
A catalogue was attached to their letter    
syn. enclose with smth.    
quantity n   количество (по отношению к неисчисляемым существитель­ным)
We can deliver the quantity of wheat required by you in two lots.    
syn. number n   количество (по отношению к исчисляемым существитель­ным)
What number of machines can you deliver to us?      
We suggest that you should test the machines without our inspectors.   Мы предлагаем Вам провести испытание машин без наших инспекторов.
in the quantity   в количестве
Can you ship us the goods in the quantities stated in our enquiry?    
indicate v   указывать (числе, количество)  
The quantity indicated in your offer is smaller than we expected    
total adj   общий, целый
The total quantity of cotton under the contract is 100,000 tons.    
amount n   сумма
amount v   составлять (сумму), равняться
amount to smth.   равняться чему-л.  
The bill amounts to one hundred roubles.    
at the rate of   в размере, в количестве
The Buyers are to pay for the goods in advance at the rate of 50 per cent of the contract value.    
consignment n   партия груза (обычно готовая к отправлению, находящаяся в пути или получаемая поку­пателем)
We hope that the first consignment will be delivered in the middle of the month as it is on board a ship now.      
syn. lot, parcel      
conform v   соответствовать
conform to smth., with smth.   соответствовать чему-л
The quality of the delivered goods does not conform to that of the sample on the basis of which the contract was concluded.    
conformity] n   соответствие
in (full) conformity with    
чем-л. в (полном) соответствии с      
The Buyers informed us that the machine-tools were in full conformity with the specifications.    
mark v   маркировать
marking n   маркировка
do marking   маркировать, сделать марки- ровку
Marking is to be done at the Supplier's plant.    
case n   ящик
weather-proof paint   несмываемая краска
shipper n   грузоотправитель
consignee n   грузополучатель
weight n   вес
The weights of the three cases are 50, 75 and 90 kgs respectively. The weight of this case is 840 pounds.    
net weightn   вес-нетто  
gross weight] n   вес-брутто
set«   комплект
set | of instruments j of documents, etc.We asked them to deliver five sets of instru­ments.    
drawing   чертеж
assembly instructions   инструкция по сборке
We cannot put into operation the machines delivered under Contract No. 25/732 as we have not yet.receivedyour drawings and assembly instructions
assemble v   собирать (машину, станок, прибор)
The tractors under order 32/553 will be assem­ bled next month.    
effect v   осуществлять, производить
effect | payment | shipment    
Shipment is to be effected in the middle of May.    
syn. make payment, shipment    
divisible adj   делимый
divisible letter of credit   делимый аккредитив
A divisible letter of credit is opened if the goods are shipped in several lots.    
valid adj   действительный, имеющий силу
The Letter of Guarantee is valid for three months.    
original bill of lading   оригинал коносамента
packing sheet   упаковочный лист
A copy of the Packing Sheet is to be put in each case.     syn. packing list, packing note  
insurance policy   страховой полис
insurance company   страховая компания
insure v   страховать
insure smth. with an insurance company   застраховать что-л. в страхо- вой компании
What insurance company have they insured their goods with?    
defective adj   дефектный, поврежденный, неисправный
During the test some parts proved defective.    
undertake (undertook, undertaken) v   обязаться, взять на себя обяза- тельство
The Sellers undertake to eliminate all the defects found during the guarantee period.    
replace v   заменить
The Sellers promised to replace defective parts in the shortest possible time    
replace smth. by smth   заменить что-л. чём-л.  
replacements n   сменные части, запасные части
repair v   чинить, ремонтировать
Where can I have my watch repaired?    
repairs и   ремонт, починка
The repairs are to be made by the Sellers.    
free of charge   бесплатно
Samples are usually sent free of charge.    
damage n   повреждение, вред, ущерб
damage to smth.   повреждение чего-л
The damage to the machine-tool was caused by poor packing.    
damage v   повреждать; наносить ущерб
The insurance company had to pay for the machines damaged on board a ship.    
storage] n   хранение на складе, складиро- вание
You are to pay for the storage of the goods,    
careless adj   невнимательный, неаккурат- ный, небрежный careless man
mistake storage packing, etc. Some machines were damaged at the port because of careless storage.    
for and on behalf of smb   от имени и по поручению кого-л.  
Mr. Brown signed the document for and on behalf of “American Engineering, Ltd.»    
waive (test, inspection) v   отказаться от (испытания, осмотра)
I think we can waive the test of the machines at the Sellers' plant.    
release noteybr shipment   разрешение на отгрузку (доку- мент)
As soon as we receive a release note for ship­ment we'll start shipping the goods.    
Supplementary List    
occur (occurred) v   происходить, иметь место
expenses n   расходы
expenses on smth.   расходы по чему-л., на что-л
storage expenses   расходы по складированию в
in transit   пути



1. Say from what verbs these nouns are:

instruction, requirement, paint, payment, dispatch, inspection, replace­ment, damage, indication, conformity, guarantee, operation, signature, cause, specification.

П. What are the English equivalents for (see the text):

1. Товар должен быть поставлен тремя партиями, по одной пар­тии в месяц. 2. Экспортная упаковка в соответствии с принятыми стандартами. 3. Каждый ящик маркируется несмываемой краской по следующей форме. 4. Гарантия не распространяется на быстро изнашивающиеся части.

Ш. Paraphrase or explain (see the text):

a) paraphrase the words and word combinations given in bold type:

1. The Buyers buy the goods listed in the specification attached hereto.

2. The goods are to be delivered in three parcels. 3. Packing is in conformity
with the accepted standards. 4. Payment is to be effected in pounds sterling.
5. The Sellers undertake to replace or repair any defective part free of charge.

b) explain the meaning of the words and word combinations given in bold type:

1. Prices are understood to be c.i.f.Petersburg. 2. Export packing is to be
in conformity with the accepted standards. 3. The Consignee is Sojuz-

import. 4. Net weight, gross weight, packing sheets. 5. Payment is to be effected by an irrevocable and divisible Letter of Credit. 6. The guarantee does not apply to damage caused by improper storage or careless mainte­nance. 7. Case No. 1 and up.

IV. Add tail-questions to these sentences and answer them:

1. They are waiving the inspection. 2. Prices are understood to be c.i.f. London. 3. Packing is to conform to the accepted standards. 4. Each case is marked in two languages. 5. The Sellers undertake to replace or repair any defective part free of charge. 6. You will not be able to ship the goods earlier.

V. Change these sentences according to the given models:

Model 1: The quality of the goods conforms (does not conform) to the world standards.

The quality of the goods is (not) in conformity with the world standards.

1. The technical characteristics of the Machine-tools conform to the specifications. 2. The quality of the Cotton (хлопок) received under Con­tract No. 53/348 does not conform to the standards. 3. The capacity of the Drilling Rigs does not conform to that stated in the catalogue. 4. The effi­ciency of the Turbine fully conforms to our requirements.

Model 2: The firm is to ship the goods in the middle of June.

The firm undertakes to ship the goods in the middle of June.

1. The firm is to open a Letter of Credit within ten days after they receive the Notification of Readiness. 2. They are to obtain an import licence within 20 days. 3. We are to deliver the goods in five lots at the rate of one consignment each fortnight. 4. The firm is to replace the goods free of charge if any defects are found during the guarantee period. 5. The factory is to complete the work in two months.

Model 3: The book was interesting.

The book proved (to be) interesting.

1. The machines were defective. 2. The transaction was profitable. 3. The machines were in conformity with their requirements. 4. He is an efficient engineer. 5. The game was thrilling. 6. The defence of «Dynamo» was excellent.

Model 4: The goods were packed yesterday.

We had the goods packed yesterday.

1. His car is to be repaired next week. 2. All the cases can be marked today. 3. The bill of lading will be made out. 4. The damaged parts have been replaced free of charge. 5. The insurance policy is to be received to-morrow. 6. A set of drawings and assembly instructions has been airmailed.

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