Реферат: Personality of Hamlet

Personality ofHamlet

            AmongShakespeare’s many great works, Hamlet probably is the greatest. The whole playis about power and authority. The king of Denmark was murdered by his brotherClaudius, who married his wife Gertrude, and became a king of Denmark. Hamletwas the son of murdered king, who was getting his education away from thekingdom of Denmark. He comes back and finds his mother married to his uncle.This makes Hamlet very frustrated. Then Hamlet sees his father’s ghost and hetells him that his uncle, the present king has murdered him. He was suspectingthat it even before his father’s ghost had told him. So he starts thinking ofways of killing the king and his mother. The queen, wasn’t aware that the kingwas murdered by his brother. So Hamlet after couple of attempts succeeds inkilling his uncle. His mother dies by drinking poisoned wine, which wasprepared for Hamlet. Hamlet gets wounded while sword fighting with son of Polonius, whom he have murdered earlier, because he thoughthat he helped his uncle to murder his father. During this fight poisonedHamlet gets wounded. And son of Polonius, tells himthat this sword was poisoned by king to kill him. So he stabs the king andkills him. At the end of course he dies himself.

            There are so many murders in thisplay that could be avoided. Especially death of Ophelia, the daughter of Polonius, who died because of Hamlet’s mistreatment. Shedrowned herself. Hamlet could’ve saved her if he reacted to her love on time.Also the death of the Queen, Polonius, and his sonwas unnecessary. These characters weren’t related to his father’s death.

Hamlet suspected his uncle in his father murder even before theappearance of his

father’s ghost.After hearing it from his father’s ghost his thought was to revenge. He plannedit several times, and several times could do it.  Hamlet was a clever man. He pretended that hewas mad. And his murder of Polonius wasn’t punished,because everyone thought he was mad.

            I think the main thought thattouched Hamlet so much in his father’s death was his mother marriage to hisuncle. He hated his mother for marrying his uncle. He saw it as adultery, bothsexual and moral. She not only married after her husband death, but she alsomarried his brother. So Hamlet thought that his mother has helped his uncle tomurder his father, and therefore Hamlet was from the beginning planning onmurdering both of them.

            Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet I thinkis a mystery. After reading the selection, I am just not sure what the authorwas trying to convey to his audience. Is it indecisive, melancholic, brutalcharacter of Hamlet? Or is it the deeds people would do to gain power? Or is itthe unrequited love of Ohpelia? Or is it friendshipof Horatio or etc? There are so many I think unnecessary or irrelevant parts tothis play, that doesn’t make sense to ordinary people. But we must understandthat this is a masterpiece of great writer, which could be called “Mona Lisa”of writing. And “Art doesn’t have to be beautiful, for people to understandit.” We don’t necessarily have to understand artist’s work; we just have toperceive it as they are.


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